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Do you take reservations?

Should I make reservations for more then 8 people

Can you bring your own cake/dessert to El Cid for a birthday? And if so, are there any fees or cost related to that?

Yes you can, and no there aren't any fees as far as I know.

I'm on a low carb diet. I still eat meat. Any suggestions on what to order to fulfill my low carb restrictions?

Steak and steak

Is this a BYOB place?

Yes they have

My family, immediate relatives and friends are making arrangements to visit this restaurant to celebrate someone's birthday. Is there a parking lot and is it free? Also, is the building big enough to accommodate 10-20 people in one visit?

They have a decent sized parking lot and it is free to park. The room upstairs can accommodate large groups. I would call before you show so they can accommodate your needs.

Do they have a party room to accommodate 40 people on a Friday nite

They do, 5he best thing is always call a few days before to reserve the room.

Is el cids open at this time of year? Previously it closes in August.

Closed in August

Are you open Mondays?

Yes. They open at 11:30

Do you take reservations

You could always just call and ask

Are you open on sundays

Open on Sundays

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